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SF Tidbits for 1/9/08

  • At SciFi Wire, John Joseph Adams profiles Chris Roberson, author of The Dragon’s Nine Sons and Three Unbroken.
  • io9 interviews Charles Stross (Halting State): “Fiction, confabulation, story-telling — is, when you get down to it, usually used as an entertainment medium, and also as a mechanism for showing us about other ways of thinking, and if you try to preach a political message you usually end up with something that’s not very entertaining (if not outright annoying to a lot of your readers).”
  • S.M. Duke interviews Jennifer Rahn (The Longevity Thesis): “Now I live in perpetual angst, hoping that Joan D. Vinge will publish something new. Honestly, the woman writes literary crack.”
  • Paul McAuley asks: “Has SF lost its grip on the future?” as he wonders about science fiction’s retreat from classic tropes.
  • Matt Mitchell explains The Difference Between SciFi and Fantasy: “When the science of something is explained plausibly, within the laws of physics it is SciFi.

    When the science of something is not explained, it is fantasy.”

  • Jeff VanderMeer has Sarah Monette talking about Catastrophe. “…twist endings are something we grow out of, both as readers and as writers.”
  • At Intergalactic Medicine Show, Carol Pinchefsky asks: Is There Nepotism in Science Fiction? “Because of this ultra-socialization in the genre, editors tend to buy stories and novels from people that they often already know, at least tangentially.” [via Futurismic]
  • Free Fiction:
    • Edward Willett has posted the first two chapters of his upcoming SF novel Marseguro (due out from DAW Books February 5) online.
    • The January 2008 issue of Apex Online has been posted.
    • Orbit is giving away a copy of Iain Banks’ latest Culture novel, Matter.
    • Illusion On-Demand has launched Transmitter, a new online sci-fi anthology magazine.
    • Elizabeth Bear has the skinny on Shadow Unit, a “website for a serial drama in internet form”, some free, some by reasonably-priced subscription. Staff writers include Emma Bull, Will Shetterly, Sarah Monette and Ms. Bear herself.
  • Subterranean press is showing off their cool cover of Snow Crash, a Neal Stephenson limited edition reprint due in the Fall. [via Big Dumb Object]
  • Fascinating: SciFi Scanner tells us that there will be three Spock characters in the new Star Trek movie.
  • Mike Brotherton (Star Dragon, Spider Star) lists Top 10 Science-Based Sci-Fi Movies.
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