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Summer Glau (Makes Me Feel Fine)

Despite my lackluster viewing experience with The Sarah Connor Chronicles, one bright spots remains: Summer Glau. Tough female characters are irresistible, and Summer plays them well. (See also: Serenity.)

Yet whenever I hear her name, I don’t think of the elfin beauty or the kick-@$$ karate moves…I think of that damn 70’s song from Seals and Crofts called “Summer Breeze“. So, to hopefully purge me of this bizarre association, I offer this:

Summer Glau (Makes Me Feel Fine)

(Sung to the tune of “Summer Breeze” by Seals and Crofts)

See the girl all curled up in the cryo

Not a stitch of clothing found in sight

Mal is ticked off wond’rin’ ’bout the Doctor

I don’t care, I’m feeling alright


Summer Glau, makes me feel fine

I can’t shake her image from my mind

Summer Glau, makes me feel fine

I can’t shake her image from my mind

See the tree branch lying on the cold deck

She picks it up, maybe thinks it’s fun

Snap us back to now, see the worried crew

Don’t look now but River’s got a gun


Followed by agents, their hands painted blue

They have no idea just what she can do

‘Cause when she sees what’s playing on TV

Fruity Oaty Bars, now it’s time to kick @$$

See the angel punching and a kickin’

Not really sure what she could do

She’s a weapon, a source of destruction

She’s a vital part of Malcolm’s crew


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7 Comments on Summer Glau (Makes Me Feel Fine)

  1. Summer make me feel fine too. Very unique and talented girl. Hell every woman on that Firefly crew does, especially Morena Baccarin.

  2. Yeah, I had a bunch of problems with the pilot, but Summer was not one of the problems.

    I could almost watch the show just for her – and rationalize in the back of my mind that I’m giving the show a chance to get better…

  3. O.K., now I’ve got the feeling that the site has jumped the shark…


  4. Nah, we jumped the shark with that Tiptree review. (H)

  5. Okay my previous attempt was intercepted by aliens (and I know where they are!!!!)… But we only jump sharks that are on FIRE!!!! Fire I say… (puts on his Evel Knievel outfit)

  6. Oh, wait until I get a hold of the “mundane SF” anthology.


  7. That’s just hilarious.

    BTW, I liked the pilot… of Sarah Connor Chronicles that is.

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