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The Time Machine Materializes On Stage

En route to its historical trip to the year 802,701, H.G. Wells’s Time Machine is making a stop in Hollywood.

A stage play version of The Time Machine is set to appear at Women’s Club of Hollywood between January 25th and March 14th, 2008. From the press release:

For the first time ever, however, fans of H.G. Wells will be able experience the work live!

Adapted to the stage by Julian Bane (Lead/Producer) and Phil Abatecola (Writer/Director), “The Time Machine” promises to transport audiences into the future where they will encounter a new world, populated by creatures who are at once both strange and strangely familiar.

“We’ve created an experience that will take theatre goers through multiple periods and settings in one fantastic evening,” says Bane. “This independent show is visually inspiring and experientially entertaining.

While widely acknowledged as an influential literary work, “The Time Machine” has never before been adapted for the Los Angeles stage because in general theater producers tend to shy away from the sci fi genre. “There’s this hesitation that a stage production could never live up to the visual imagery of a sci fi novel, yet the world of theatre is filled with successful adaptations of fables and fantasies,” notes Bane.

If someone goes to this, I’d be interested to know your impressions.

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5 Comments on The Time Machine Materializes On Stage

  1. I’m reminded of the unsuccessful remake/reimagining of the film version of the Time Machine, where one of the things the time traveler (played by Guy Pearce) discovers is that a big budget musical based on the novel has been created.

  2. ridiculous…

    how could you be reminded of that movie if you have not seen the play.. the machine looks more like the 1960 version..

    i will check it out…

    you stay home and stay ignorant…

  3. Marion Rose // February 1, 2008 at 10:27 am //

    😀 The play is great! A must see! Totally enjoyable. A great night out…..

  4. Thoroughly enjoyable. Julian Bane is an awesome actor with a great cast of actors. I especially liked the Morlock scenes. All in All this play was wonderful. I enjoyed every minute and it appeared so did everyone else in the audience.

  5. The play is an interesting mix of the 1960 film version, the Dreamworks remake and a dash of Dr. Who thrown in. It borrows heavily form the 1960 script for dialog and the Morlocks are based on the Dreamworks version. Derek Long was awesom as the lead Morlock, really showed the Time Traveler who is in charge. (no pun intended.) K9 makes an appearance in the museum scene and perhaps the Eloi may have faired better if K9 had been activated.

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