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Tube Bits For 01/09/2008

  • Entertainment Weekly, via Buddy TV, has a big story with Matthew Fox about LOST‘s season 4. There’s not really any spoilers, per se, more about the direction that this season will take and which of the big questions will be addressed. Fox also assures us that, now that there is an end date, the story will be able to move faster as Lindelof and Cuse won’t have to vamp to drag the story out indefinitely. Well, the story will move faster once the writer’s strike is over. The first new episodes start on January 31st.
  • If you have an Xbox 360, this may be of interest. Both ABC TV and MGM will make several shows available, in HD, on Xbox Live Marketplace. So if you miss LOST‘s HD run on the ABC website, you can rent the episodes and watch them on your 360.
  • Lena Headey, the new Sarah Connor in Fox’s The Sarah Connor Chronicles, speaks about taking over the role from Linda Hamilton. As the TV show is sort of re-imagining the movies, there is more chance for Sarah’s character to development emotionally, rather than being the single-minded person in the later films. I’m cautiously optimistic about the show, which starts Jan. 13th.
  • Fourth Cult brings us six things I learned from Battlestar Galactica. Somewhat risque, but also a bit funny and so, so true.
  • If you watched last week’s season premier of Stargate Atlantis, you saw the debut of the official trailer for the new MMORPG Stargate Worlds. Ten Ton Hammer also has six new screenshots covering the worlds show in the trailer. I’ve never been a big Stargate fan, and World of Warcraft tired me out on MMORPGs, but this game looks rather interesting. Since there is a dearth of SF themed MMOs, I may just check this out.
  • And finally, NBC has released the second promo trailer for the new Knight Rider movie, you can see it below. Of course I’ll check it out, but they still should have forced GM to start making Firebirds again just for this show.
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  1. I’m waiting quite impatiently for Stargate Worlds. Sounds like it has a lot of promise!

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