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Tube Bits For 01/11/2008

  • If you’re in or around Baltimore Jan. 17th – 20th, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra has a rather unique concert series for you, especially if you like the music of science fiction. As the article says “Symphony audiences rarely see a conductor using a light saber for a baton, singers donning “Star Trek” apparel, transporter beam special effects or a dazzling laser light show, but the Sci-Fi Spectacular will have all these thematic elements.” All these SFX for a concert, and George Takei as the narrator! The “Lost in Syndication” Medley consists of a number of theme songs from scienct fiction TV shows. Sounds really cool, too bad I don’t live in Baltimore…
  • The independent science fiction series, The House Between, begins it’s second season on Jan. 25th. John Kenneth Muir, the creator, is interviewed at Sy Fy Portal about the new series, and how the internet allows independent producers to make an end run around Hollywood and create something new, instead of reanimating the corpses of old SF TV shows.
  • You may have seen this EW photo spread of the cast of Galactica, arranged like Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”. Everyone in it is posed in some way that supposedly hints at something to come in season 4. However, Ron Moore told EW that the final, unknown Cylon is not in the photo. Which means it will either be someone we’ve never seen before (some unknown actor – lame, Lorne Greene – Awesome!), or some bit player. I’m still not convinced that there is any way Saul can possibly be a Cylon. I’d like to see how they pull that off.
  • Japanator informs us that the Sci Fi Channel is expanding their anime programming to include a new night, Tuesdays. Starting in February, you’ll be able to see the first Appleseed movie on Tuesday, February 12th. Just in time to catch it before it’s sequel is released in March.
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6 Comments on Tube Bits For 01/11/2008

  1. RE: The House Between tube bit

    I enjoyed this the first time I heard it…in yesterday’s tidbits. HI-yo! 😉

  2. Ironically, the Boston Symphony Orchestra seems to have scheduled their SF performances to conflict with Arisia weekend.

  3. I thought Lorne Greene was dead?

  4. Since I work for the Boston Symphony, I was surprised to see the note about the SciFi concert. The weekend you mention is Mozart/Schubert, not exactly Yoda’s favs, I don’t think.

    It is the ‘other’ BSO, the Baltimore Symphony who is presenting these concerts. (Which look very fun, by the way.)


  5. “Japanator informs us that the Sci Fi Channel is expanding their anime programming to include a new night, Tuesdays.”

    Wow…something other than wrasslin’? Genre programming on a genre station? How…original.


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