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Tube Bits For 01/12/2008

  • Both LOST and Pushing Daisies have been nominated for best directing in drama and comedy series by the Director’s Guild of America. If you haven’t seen Pushing Daisies, I highly recommend it. It’s certainly different from anything else on TV and it has a subtle, silly sense of humor that fits the tone perfectly. Plus, it has Jim Dale as the narrator, which is a huge plus. I could listen to him talk all day about the finer points of quantity surveying and still enjoy it.
  • Sy Fy Portal takes on those Star Trek fans who are upset that J.J. Abrams will be re-doing the look of the Enterprise. They point out, quite rightly, that the look has changed almost every time there was a new Trek program, so who should now be any different, even if it’s set in the past? It doesn’t bother my they are re-designing it, I just hope it looks better then the Enterprise from The Next Generation.
  • Are you one of those people who have turned to the Internet for your video entertainment since the writer’s strike occurred? If so, you’re not alone. YouTube is reporting an 18% increase in traffic since the strike, ironically providing anecdotal information for the writer’s that people will be obtaining their entertainment from the Internet more and more in the future, especially the younger demographic. The demographic that pulls in the big advertising dollars.
  • Think you have it hard now that the writer’s strike has cancelled your favorite show? Be glad your livelihood doesn’t depend Hollywood running smoothly. Showbuzz looks at the people who have been hit hard by the strike. As you might imagine, it’s the little guy being pummeled.
  • Science Fiction Weekly reviews The Sarah Connor Chronicles and gives it an ‘A’. I have yet to see a really negative review. Set those DVRs for this sundae!
  • Speaking of TSCC, did you know a tour bus is crossing the country promoting the series? If you’re lucky and the bus comes to your area, you’ll be able to appear in a scene of TSCC and the video will be uploaded to the site for you to share. Additionally, and even cooler, if you have Verizon, the video will be sent to your phone so you can have a copy of it to watch later. That’s a nice bit of cross promotion there.
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3 Comments on Tube Bits For 01/12/2008

  1. Pushing Daisies is a fantastic show and is one of the few that I am truly missing during this writer’s strike.

  2. Hmmm….was Jim Dale involved in Python? I guess I don’t get the quantity surveying reference unless you just mean he does audiobooks?

  3. Jim Dale has a very suave British accent. He’d be the perfect narrator for the audio book version of Ethel the Aardvark Goes Quantity Surveying.

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