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Tube Bits for 01/17/2008

  • This one is for John: In October 2007, Jon Lachonis of Buddy TV scored an exclusive interview with Michael Emerson of LOST, while he and the rest of the crew were filiming an episode for season 4. I have to wonder what was being filmed that caused ABC to change the interview date at the last minute. The mind boggles. Still, some good stuff from Michael about Ben Linus and what we’ll see in season 4.
  • Speaking of LOST, TV Squad has a spoilerific look at what we can expect from season 4. I didn’t actually read them as I don’t want to be spoiled. Well, about LOST anyway. Proceed at your own peril.
  • Trek fans have something to get excited about, and it’s not the new movie. Star Trek: The Tour kicks off tomorrow, Jan. 18th, in Long Beach, California. It actually sounds kinda cool, with lots of Trek memorabilia on display and several interactive activities, all contained in a cozy, 50,000 sqft. display. Check the schedule to see when it will come near you.
  • To get ready for the Tour, you could do what William is doing over at My Star Trek Year. That’s right, he’s going to watch all 700 TV episodes, 11 movies and other various and sundry Trek items this year. As in 365 days. That’s at least two TV episodes a day, and considering some of these will be Enterprise episodes, I hope William comes out the other side all right.
  • Did you miss the debut of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? Would you like to see it but aren’t willing to brave the internets or torrent networks? Never fear! Both iTunes and Amazon Unbox have posted the pilot for free. That’s right, for a paltry zero dollars you too can watch Summer Glau (makes me feel fine) kick robotic booty. And besides, free is a good price for anything.
  • What do you do if you’re a striking writer and looking for a way to get paid from Internet use of your material? Why you create your own online video company! Good luck finding that $30 million your looking for…
  • Submitted for your viewing pleasure. The trailer for Cinematic Titanic‘s new DVD, The Oozing Skull:
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