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Tube Bits for 01/21/2008

  • Dave Howe has taken over as President of the Sci Fi Channel and will report to former president Bonnie Hammer, who apparently got promoted. Howe wants to expand the Sci Fi Channel ‘brand’ into other media such as video games and other areas. The first part of this expansion was announced last week as Sci Fi Channel and Virgin Comics announced a joint comic book venture entitled Stranded. You can view it online here.
  • We all wondered exactly why KITT in the new Knight Rider movie was a Mustang (yes, you did). Now we know. It’s because GM isn’t making the Firebird/Camaro anymore. Which is too bad, since the the fourth generation body styling was much cooler than the third generation of the original KITT. Let’s hope the new KITT isn’t Found On Road Dead after every commercial break.
  • The History Channel has some realliy cool shows starting (very) soon. Tonight is the premier of Life After People, which is about how the Earth might look, after people. Cool. Next month, Feb. 6th to be exact, The History Channel will bring back a new season of UFO Hunters, where three ‘experts’ examine different sightings to determine if they might be real. Hopefully the skeptic person won’t be overwhelmed by the UFOers.
  • Speaking of show returns, remember to set your DVRs to catch Chuck‘s return, and very quick exit, on Thursday, Jan. 24th. The last two episodes will air at 8pm and 10pm Eastern. Then the lights go dark on yet another decent show.
  • Of course, new shows in developement are still going forward. For instance, J.J. Abrams’ new SF show, Fringe has started it’s casting process. Currently Kirk Acevedo and Tomas Arana have been signed up. Let’s hope J.J. hasn’t fallen in love with the shaky cam. [via the Illusion TV blog]
  • Remember when we said the future of science fiction isn’t on the Sci Fi Channel? Add another ‘series’ to the non-Sci Fi Channel list: Stranger Things. It “depicts a world of ordinary people stumbling into the secret lives of the paranormal, the metaphysical, the unnatural, and the strange.” Also it’s “the first dramatic science-fiction anthology series shot in high definition and digitally-syndicated through the Internet”. Yup, an HD vidcast. Sounds interesting, though I haven’t actually seen it yet. Still, I think our point is being made here.
  • John Muir reminds us that the internet series (these things are popping up all over!) The House Between 2.0 begins this week. To celebrate he points us to a teaser trailer for the series.
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