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Tube Bits for 01/23/2008

  • Ever wonder what kinds of cool things you can find at a scrap yard? Well, Kaden over at the MAKE blog found….the Stargate. That’s right, some of the props obviously from a prop house were just tossed into the trash. Still, really cool.
  • Amazon has opened up a new Anime Unbox store and to celebrate, many series’ first episodes are free, for a limited time. Death Note, Astro Boy and Speed Grapher are some of the anime to make note of.
  • The teaser trailer for Trek XI has generated some interest in how the Enterprise looks on the outside. But what about the inside? Some industrious fans discovered an easter egg on the new Trek site that leads to four cameras of the ship under construction. If you wait long enough, you’ll catch a glimpse of an interior corridor.
  • Jericho is scheduled to debut on February 12th. But, if you just can’t wait, the first three episodes have been leaked onto the torrent networks. Looks like Razor has set a precedent.
  • In other Jericho news, the producers have filmed two different endings: one in case of renewel after 7 episodes, and one in case of non-renewel. Probably rather smart of them.
  • And now for a little game news: NASA wants to get into the MMO business with its own space exploration game, that will allow players to “simulate real Nasa engineering and science missions”. Sounds cool. Can they implement that? Then there’s Blackstar, from Spacetime Studios. Blackstar is a totally new SF property, currently in development, that is searching for a publisher. I was intrigued by this before, and the new art does nothing to persuade me otherwise. Here’s to hoping they can find a publisher.
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