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Tube Bits for 01/25/2008

  • Many of you may remember the USA Network show Swamp Thing, starring Adrienne Barbeau and some guy in a rubber suit (Dick Durock). The first season is now available on DVD. For those Sliders fans out there, Kari Wuhrer also appears in this season.
  • The corporate monolith of gaming that is IGN has scored an interview with the developers of the upcoming science fiction MMO, Stargate Worlds. There’s a lot of good stuff here, well worht the read if you are even remotely interested. I’m actually looking forward to this game, which is odd since I’m not a fan of the show. Huh.
  • Product placement is a fact of life on today’s televisions. But how about a TV show being ‘product placed’ in a comic? That’s exactly what LOST will be doing with Marvel Comics. The next Marvel book you open just may have images and references to LOST inside. I find this, odd.
  • What do you do when your premier series doesn’t start for another 3 months? If you’re Sci Fi Channel, you air two Battlestar Galactica specials in advance. The first, “Revisited”, is basically a recap of the first three seasons. The second, “The Phenomenon” (not starring John Travolta), looks at Galactica’s reception among fans and critics. Hopefully they will stoke the fires of interest, although I know John is on the ‘hater’ wagon. I’m not. I’ll be watching.
  • If you’re in Philadelphi tonight (1/25/08), why not head on over to the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society and hear Paul Levinson talk about Science Fiction in the Current Golden Age of Television. If you can’t make it, you can read his thoughts on his website, Infinite Regress. Hey Paul, any way you can a make podcast out of this talk?
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