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Can You Name This Story?

Despite the awesome reputations we’ve built up as science fiction gurus with a less-than-healthy appetite for supermodel posts, we do not know everything there is to know about science fiction. Occasionally we get email from folks desperately looking – they’d have to be to contact us – to remember the title of some mostly-forgotten story. We usually redirect them to sites that are more effective for this sort of thing (like the Asimov’s forum or MetaFilter) and send them on their merry way.

This time, I thought that we would additionally throw the questions out to our knowledgeable readers. (That’s you.)

Here’s a description we recently received:

Howdy! Help me remember a series of books I read in maybe 1975. They take place on another planet – or perhaps a moon? The whole society lives in the tops of enormous trees. I think there was something about green in the title. I don’t remember the author or the title. I remember loving them, and I want to find them again. They were probably written in the ’50s or ’60s.

– Roger W.

Can you name this story?

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16 Comments on Can You Name This Story?

  1. Doesn’t fit the criteria perfectly, but first thing that springs to mind is Hothouse by Brian Aldiss.

  2. The closest thing I can think of is “The Thing in the Attic” section of James Blish’s “The Seedling Stars”.

    Maybe John Boyd’s “The pollinators of Eden”?

  3. By the original post’s description, I think I remember at least one book from this series. It’s going to drive me nuts now to remember the title or author. I remember the cover art, though: It featured a woman with, I think, short blonde hair, wearing drab green military-like fatigues. She was floating in the air amid the treetops, and one of her feet was pointing downward. Her feet and toes were unusually long. I remember that because there was something about how this race of people had evolved to live in the treetops, one of their features being their elongated feet.

    The woman on the cover was the protaganist, I think, and she was one of a group or rebels fighting… I can’t remember what. And if I remember right, the trees were not rooted in the ground, but floating in the clouds.

  4. Whenever I think of trees in science fiction, I think of “The Integral Trees” by Larry Niven, although those trees float in space instead of being on a planet. There was another book in the same universe, “The Smoke Ring.” (Although I see those were written in the ’80s, so probably couldn’t be it.

  5. Bam! Found the one I was thinking of. “The Integral Trees” by Larry Niven. I love the Internet!

  6. Nice, you beat me to it!

  7. How about The Word for World is Forest by Ursula K. Le Guin? I’m not sure if there’s a sequel or if it is a series at all (though the book stemmed from a novella). That’s my guess, but I’m probably wrong.

  8. I was thinking of Niven’s Integral Trees at first, too, but that wasn’t a series from the 50’s of 60’s, was it?

    I’ve let Roger know about this post, so maybe he’ll chime in if something clicks.

  9. Sounds like Lin Carter’s “Green Star” series:

    * Under the Green Star (1972)

    * When the Green Star Calls (1973)

    * By the Light of the Green Star (1974)

    * As the Green Star Rises (1975)

    * In the Green Star’s Glow (1976)

  10. It sound’s like Andre Norton’s Janus novels, there’s no green in the title but the natives’ skin colour is green

  11. yup, i’d say lin carter’s green star books.

  12. OK, I have no idea what that story is but it gives me an idea…Can someone out there in the infinite cyberspace please help me track this story down? It kinda have a SF-theme to it.

    I read this children’s story when I was but a child in a Chinese children magazine which often translated stories from other sources for reprinting. The story involves Santa Claus going on vacation in Las Vegas by building a new sleigh that wasn’t really a sleigh. It looked more like a tram, nay, camper. Given that it was a children’s story, it had a lot of pictures and not very many words. That’s all I remember.

    No, I was NOT smoking something when I read this nor did I dream it up after smoking something… Please help….

  13. PeterY: it almost sounds like you’re talking about a story similar to a British animated special about Santa on vacation called “Another Bloomin’ Christmas” or something to that effect (maybe that wasn’t the title, only the theme song). During the off season, Santa goes to a few different holiday spots around the world, cursing away at the difficulties he encounters being away from home. I don’t remember a Vegas segment, though there was one point where he had some stomach trouble in Mexico, I think. :O

  14. That does sound similiar because I do remember Santa hitting a different spot other than Vegas in a different issue. I’m having some trouble googling based on the song, so I guess I’ll keep looking but thanks for the attempt!!

    Update: OMG, it might just be what bloginhood said cus the art looks familiar and according to this link, it does mention that he goes to Vegas? Is my search finally over??

    Update #2: OMG, I really think it is!! wikipedia.

    Update #3: There’s even a YouTube. Wow, I finally found it — I can die happy now…

    Sorry for spamming updates…

  15. Perhaps one of these fine tree-themed volumes?

    Highwood, by Neal Barrett Jr.

    The Tree Lord of Imetem, by Tom Purdom

    Son of the Tree, by Jack Vance

  16. Roger juts emailed me to let me know that he just remebered to let us know.  The book he was thinking of is Under the Green Star by Lin Carter.


    Don Sakers for the win!

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