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February 14th To Be Renamed ‘IJ 4’ Day

That’s because, on February 14th, the new Indiana Jones trailer will debut. First, it will air on Good Morning America (WTF?) between 8am and 9am, and thereafter, it will be available on the official web site as well as appear in theaters.

And what movie would be opening on February 14th that you might want to go see? Why, Jumper of course! Indy, Anakin and Mace Windu, what could be better? Go see it just for the trailer. Take your SO with you, just so you all won’t have ‘bad dates‘.

And to keep the excitement going, The Deadbolt has this cool article about the Indiana Jones 4 scripts that weren’t. They look at all the proposed scripts for the movie that were rejected for one reason or another. Of course, that doesn’t mean that ideas from them didn’t carry forward to the current movie, so proceed at your own risk.

Now, if you’ll excuse, I must go hum the Raiders and annoy my co-workers.

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