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February Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies

February is a rather lean month for science fiction or fantasy movies, at least in terms of numbers, but not in terms of big names. Let’s take a look, shall we?


First up on the docket is Jumper, based on the novels by Steven Gould. It’s directed by Doug Liman, who, we’re relentlessly told, is the director of The Bourne Identity and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Make of that what you will. It also stars Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson, how could it possibly suck? Oh, that’s right. At least Lucas isn’t here, sucking all their acting abilities out of their bodies. I admit that premise sounds rather interesting: people who can teleport and those sworn to kill them, today on Springer! However the trailers really haven’t done much for me. I still might go see it though. There is also a comic ‘prequel’ available. You can see a preview here.

The Posters


I’m going to taunt fate, and certain commenters, and ‘Meh’ and ‘Meh’. Sorry, that’s the way I feel.

The Trailer

Jumper premiers February 14th.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Yet another in a long line fantasy book adaptations (thanks Peter Jackson!), this time we have The Spiderwick Chronicles, based on the novel by Holly Black, directed by Mark Waters (sadly, not John Waters. Now that would be an interesting fantasy movie.) and starring pretty much no one really famous, unless you count Nick Nolte and Martin Short. Of course, they only voice certain characters and don’t actually appear in the film. Now, I ‘ve heard good things about the books, but I’ve never read them, and I can’t say that I am all that interested in seeing the movie, because if I did say that, I’d be lying. This may be one where my kids make me take them to the theater. Hmm, a two hour nap on a Saturday sounds good…

The Poster

Oooo, misty. Otherwise, ‘Meh’ again. There are four different ones that I could find. Zero that I thought were visually interesting.

The Trailer

I’m still not all that interested. Looks like yet another attempt to cash in on a YA fantasy series. Now, if Nickelodeon Films had put in Sponge Bob…..

Open February 15th.

The Signal

Could this be the first of many SF movies to be based on a certain website? Sadly, no. The description is: “It’s New Year’s Eve in the city of Terminus and chaos is this year’s resolution. All forms of communication have been jammed by an enigmatic transmission that preys on fear and desire driving everyone in the city to murder and madness.” Sounds sort of like The X-Files episode “Blood”. However, the MPAA gives it a strong recommendation because of its “strong brutal bloody violence throughout, pervasive language and brief nudity.” All right! Not just brutal violence. No sir. And not just bloody violence either, but strong brutal bloody violence! And let’s not forget pervasive language, without which we’d be watching a silent movie. Of course, it could be pervasive Esperanto, in which case, I’d rather see a silent movie. But all flippancy aside, this one looks kinda interesting. I might have to go check it out.

The Poster

More apocalyptic imagery, less head holding. And lose the earphones. You’re experience the end of civilization, not going out for a jog.

The Trailer

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7 Comments on February Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies

  1. Jumper looks good, kind of reminds me of Highlander without Adrian Paul and music by Queen 😀

  2. Jumper looks good for me and the missus, Spiderwick will be enjoyed by our daughter, and the Signal? Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

  3. To me “Jumper” looks like they finally made a movie all about Nightcrawler, except with the notable absence of anything cute, blue and fuzzy. 🙁

  4. >Of course, it could be pervasive Esperanto, in which case, I’d rather see a silent movie. But all flippancy aside,

    If any language is pervasive it would be English, not Esperanto! (6) What about Gordon Brown’s neo-colonial campaign to anglify the world with “God’s gift to the world”? Or is this perhaps just a gut-reaction to Esperanto based on … what facts exactly? :O

  5. JP you really should read the Spiderwick Chronicles. They are not “meh” as you so succinctly put it, and are short enough to actually work for a movie versus the larger works that are currently converted into movie format… H8a 🙂

  6. Jumper looks decent. Maybe not $10 at the theater decent, but certainly $5 for a DVD rental.

    The other 2 look like snooze-fests.

  7. Oh and FYI I was just reading that the Spiderwick Chronicles movie takes *all 5* books and tries to cram them into one movie.

    Granted they’re small and my kids loved them but geez I wonder if even they will swallow that.


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