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Friday YouTube: Space 1999 Intro

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5 Comments on Friday YouTube: Space 1999 Intro

  1. Great video. Brings back memories

  2. A very different take on the Space 1999 opening sequence can be found when you put video of B5 to the music:

  3. Matte Lozenge // February 15, 2008 at 2:58 pm //

    Pssst — use this for another Friday YouTube: the collectors’ Igyan Edition.

  4. Sad…here it is 2008 and we still have yet to put a fixed station on the moon, stockpile nuclear fuel waste, crash into it, trigger an explosion, propel the moon into distance space….

    Remember Scifi channel in the early days would play this over and over….

  5. Even better than B5/Space: 1999 mashup from Paul H:

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