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Is Heroes Worth Waiting For?

Short Answer: No.

Longer answer: Having been away from the show, I’ve had time to reflect. I realized that no show warrants the viewer frustration it put me through. I was weak and holding on to past glories. But no more. I was on the right track when I said that season 2 sucked. I have now decided what I could not commit to before, in my mid-season recap: I have officially jumped off the Heroes train. I believe it is destined to be a slow, regrettable decline to the end.

For those who think the recent grumblings of the writers’ strike ending means a magic ticket back to greatness, check out this Hollywood Insider column at Entertainment Weekly, which says, among other things:

…those who were looking forward to seeing Heroes prove itself anew might have to wait a little longer. According to executive producer Tim Kring, even if his creative team went back to work ASAP — and assuming that NBC still plans to wrap its TV season at the end of May as usual — Team Heroes would only be able to complete three more (quality) episodes. Why so few? Blame the show’s sprawling scope and complicated F/X (that fantastical time-stopping stuff takes actual time, you know). Moreover, Kring & Co. had been hoping to redeem the show’s shaky second season with a new “volume” of stories (titled “Villains”) that would have basically rebooted the series. But when the strike began in November, they had just begun plotting the comeback. In fact, the first episode of that arc, which they wanted to play like a season premiere, hadn’t been fully written. All things considered, Kring would rather relaunch Heroes when he has more episodes to play with. If NBC extends its strike-screwed season into June, that could happen sooner. If not, he’d rather wait, perhaps till fall.

Whether Heroes returns with a neutered season 2 or a season 3 reboot is no longer a concern of mine. Heroes is dead to me.

The one good bit of news for the Heroes-lovers out there is: this is my last Heroes rant. πŸ™‚

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13 Comments on Is Heroes Worth Waiting For?

  1. Perhaps I’m still nostalgic for those glory days of the first season, but I still have hope, if not faith. So long as they don’t rush it back and wait until the fall, they can resurrect it. Stranger things have happened at sea.

  2. Hear, hear, John! Acceptance is the first step to recovery! It’s long past the time to move on — I’m hoping the other bloggers at the ‘Signal will take your lead and talk less about this annoying show too.

  3. Paul Harper // February 11, 2008 at 9:04 am //

    The writer’s strike has been useful in some ways. It has made me realise how little I miss their rubbish output when it’s not being made. The vast majority of what these so-called “artists” produce is undiluted sewage and it’s all too easy to get suckered into watching shows (like Heroes) that are good for a while but quickly pale as the effort of producing programmes of a consistently high quality strains the limited capabilities of the writers and producers.

    A (non-SF) example would be a comparison between the Letterman show and Leno’s equivalent. The former has its full writing staff; the output is insipid, banal and smug. The Leno show, on the other hand, without its writers but with its host’s considerable talent has an edge to it and is far more watchable as a result.

    I am unconvinced that having far fewer writers would be a bad thing.

  4. “‘m hoping the other bloggers at the ‘Signal will take your lead and talk less about this annoying show too.”

    A challenge, eh? I will now try to find at least one thing to post about Heroes, just for Peter!


  5. I don’t understand the dedication to be a relentless viewer when you have a Tivo John? Tivo it, and watch it on a night you are completely bored. Wouldn’t evaluating the latest failure of Heroes be more entertaining that flipping channels for an hour? I mean really, what else are you going to bleat on about on the blog here without a sub-par Heroes episode to kick around?

  6. @Trent: I did watch it on Tivo. And thankfully I have plenty of other stuff to do before I turn to to Tivo for yet another drawn out episode of Heroes.

    Bleat! :-@

  7. Well my point was that I still record plenty of shows I have already given up on just so I have something to snipe at when nothing else is on. “Battlestar Galactica” fits this ‘only because nothing else is on’ billing, as does “Lost.”

    I had planned to “chop” your face on to a sheeps body… but alas, no one had a picture of you John, and the Google, she had nothing.

  8. Ah, Trent, now I see your point. And for future reference, any old picture of Brad Pitt will do. πŸ™‚

  9. The jokes… in my head… there are too many… must warn others…. :-@

  10. John,

    On the one hand, I think you should give Heroes another chance, on the other hand I have been watching LOST forever and after every show I am frustrated about something (like you are with Heroes). I guess what I am trying to say is it’s better to get out while you still can… eventually you get to the point where you want to get out, but you keep thinking there is hope (like me with LOST) and you are stuck watching a show that frustrates you all the time.

  11. Well I have to disagree.

    I just finished Season 2 last night and can say that even though it started a bit slow, I throughly enjoyed the story arc.

    I’m glad it was picked up to continue. We need all the shows we can get that buck the mainstream sitcom formula and strive to give us something new and different.

    Can’t wait to see the next installment!



    ps – Supernatural kicks @ss too πŸ˜‰

  12. Well we will be having a Heroes panel so I hope to see people at Ancient City Con.

  13. Relimic // May 9, 2008 at 9:06 pm //

    I agree that much of the existing TV is becoming frustrating to watch and the main purpose of the any given episode is to convince you to watch the next one. I’m also sick of waiting for the next season of Heroes to pick up again in the fall and have pretty much written it off. I Tivo pretty much everything I watch anymore and live life pretty much outdoors. If it didn’t Rain (or snow in my case) I’m sure I would watch TV at all.

    there is one thing I do have to give credit though. It is still better then the myriad of reality TV shows that pretty much ruin the idea of needing actors at all. Heroes IRL anyone? Or has that already been done too?

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