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More Classic SF TV Online For Free: Star Trek

Earlier in the week, we mentioned that NBC had made available, online for free. many classic SF TV shows. NBC’s offering is rather extensive, and involved several different networks under the NBC/Universal umbrella.

Well, CBS has just released their own classic SF TV shows online, again for free, and they have the grand daddy of all classic SF, Star Trek, the original series. All three seasons. How cool is that?

I’m not sure if these are the remastered versions, but I would guess not, seeing has how CBS/Paramount want you to buy the DVDs. Still free Trek is a good thing.

CBS also has classic episodes of The Twilight Zone, MacGyver, Melrose Place and Hawaii Five-O. Book ’em, Danno!

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3 Comments on More Classic SF TV Online For Free: Star Trek

  1. What would really be cool is if the videos were subtitled/captioned for the deaf/hard of hearing… yeah I know probably would cost them to much to have them captioned (and once they do it for English they’d probably need to do it for other languages) which would mean the videos couldn’t be free … Oh well.

  2. When I looked when you mentioned Buck Rogers (which would have been funny to see the start again), I found they are geolocked.

    Very bizarre, because I am sure there are tons of Australian or South African or whatever networks just waiting to pay 0.00000 dollars many times over to show Buck Rogers again.

  3. I checked out the Star Trek Amock Time episode and I get an audio saying: “The content is currently unavailible.”

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