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One Reason To Watch The Super Bowl: New Iron Man Commercial

Let’s face it, you’re only watching the Super Bowl for the commercials anyway. Now there’s a bonus in it for you, the SF/F fan, as there will be a new Iron Man commercial. See below for a sneak peek, well alright, one still, from the commercial.

I’ve never been a big Iron Man fan, so I don’t know whether to be pumped for this movie or not.


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5 Comments on One Reason To Watch The Super Bowl: New Iron Man Commercial

  1. Isn’t it kind of irrelevant whether or not you’ve been a fan of the Iron Man comic? I really think these comic-derived movies ought to stand or fall on their own merits. I myself know very little about IM, but I think it looks like an awesome movie, both in terms of spectacle and character development…

  2. I feel the same, Jason. Most people (comics fans) I talk to know very little about Iron Man. I’ve never been a huge fan either, but this movie looks like it actually has a storyline and is visually pleasing. If it gets good reviews, I’ll see it.

  3. You might enjoy this audio interview with Bob Horowitz, producer of “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials 2008.” (He is also the producer of “The Singing Bee” with Joey Fatone.)

  4. I still think his costume looks like an action figure.

  5. Save the pump for after the movie.

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