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POLL RESULTS: Our Favorite Philip Jose Farmer Book

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Last week was Philip José Farmer’s 90th birthday. Which of his books/series was your favorite?


(76 total votes)

Hmmmm…participation has really tapered off these last two weeks. Lame questions or can’t you find the poll widget in it’s new location?

Comments this week:

“It’s a close run race between Riverworld and the World of Tiers. However, fighting over the future of multiple universes, a grand vision, and Kickaha, a great example of a secondary character taking over a series because he’s just cooler than the protagonist, gives the win to World of Tiers.” – Paul

“Tough choice between Riverworld and World of Tiers, both excellent world-building sagas…but Riverworld’s main premise was fantastic, and well done. PJF is one of the most under-read and under-rated SF/Fantasy authors around.” – Larry

“The Stone God Awakens” – CV

“I liked “Lord Tyger” and “Two Hawks from Earth” best of the Farmer that I’ve read.” – Michael Samerdyke

“I guess I should vote for the World of Tiers books, but I think the Purple Book is just as inventive and more important in the grand scheme of things. That said, for me, Farmer was at his best when he was writing Burroughs books, and the best of these is Doc Savage.” – platyjoe

“I have read great things about his works and am really looking forward to one day reading Riverworld but with the dirth of titles on offer I would like to hear one clear and concise reason why do it.” – General X

Be sure to visit our front page and vote in this week’s poll about reading young adult fiction!

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3 Comments on POLL RESULTS: Our Favorite Philip Jose Farmer Book

  1. God I loved the Riverworld series!

  2. Richard Novak // February 5, 2008 at 11:12 pm //

    For some reason, the PJF poll never appeard on my screen.:(
    The number who have never read him is sad. Where is the interest in our heritage?
    Love & blessings

  3. Earl Boyer Jr // September 26, 2010 at 3:15 pm //

    I liked ” A Barnstormer in Oz ” the only one I read but plan to read more, as I like the way he transports you. Your received books are a great thing , lets fans of sifi and fantasy whats out there, great job. Earl

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