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POLL RESULTS: Reading Young Adult Fiction

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Do you (or would you) read Young Adult fiction?


(124 total votes)

Nearly 72% of respondents do read young adult sf, and more than 98% of the repsondents are older than 18. Interesting… I voted yes because young adult fiction can be just as entertaining as any other fiction. David Gerrold’s Heinleinian Dingillian Family books spring to mind.

Comments this week:

“My wife and I both read some YA books. These come by two sources. Adapted to movies that spark our interest when we see the previews (Harry Potter & Golden Compass). Or recommended by my children or nieces.” – Rich Gombet

“I don’t always read YA, but sometimes it’s just nice to read something that deals with different issues than fiction geared to adults. Plus there are just some amazing YA authors, like Jane Yolen, Tamora Pierce and have you read Ursala Le Guinn’s latest? These books shouldn’t be read just by teens.” – Rachel

“What, no ‘maybe’? I answered ‘no,’ because as a general rule I don’t read or seek out YA fiction, genre or otherwise. But in fact I have read some (specifically, The Golden Compass and Philip K. Dick’s “Nick and the Glimmung”), and would probably read more depending on what it was and who wrote it.” – Gabriel Mckee

“I voted no as I enjoy compound sentences every now and again…” – platyjoe
[EDITOR: Ouch! and LOL!]

“Good fiction is good fiction, no matter who its target audience is or what genre it is. I for one love YA and think that if kids reading Harry Potter en-masse is your biggest problem, you really do not have problems.” – GeneralX

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