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POLL RESULTS: TV Shows We Miss Because of the Writers’ Strike

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Thanks to the writers’ strike, shows are on hiatus. Which one do you miss the most?


(110 total votes)

Of those who even miss any shows, BSG has a huge lead.

Comments this week:

“The Big Bang Theory and House…I know, House is not SF, per se, but it’s really just the only show I care about.” – PeterY

“Just because The Big Bang Theory isn’t remotely close to being realistic or make sense, doesn’t mean it should be in a list of SF&F shows. And Lost just released a couple of episodes, so it would be very hard for people to miss it. I wonder if either of those would get more than 0 votes. :-)” – Yaron

“Pushing Daisies is the freshest show on TV today. I’d really like to see where it goes.” – Michael A. Burstein

“CSI. I am in Iraq though, so I am now just able to see the early episodes of some of this season’s shows. Thanks to spoilers, I know the CSI writers are going to screw up a relationship. For geek cred, I’d like to say BSG, but, once it goes into season break I kind of forget about it until it returns. Some of these other shows I haven’t even seen yet.” – SF Fangirl

“There is nothing SF about The Big Bang Theory, nothing. Not even one thing you can point to and say: “Aha, that is science fiction.” Yet, still I miss it the most. BSG I will watch, and a week or so prior I might get excited but there has been just so much time I have spent waiting that any heat I might have had is just not there anymore. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but they also say that time heals all wounds (alert, cliche overload). These other shows I just don’t watch that much of to get excited about. Bring on TBBT! So say we all!” – General X

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