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RIP: Roy Scheider

Sad news…

Variety is reporting that actor Roy Scheider has passed away at age 75.

Roy Scheider, who was Oscar nominated for “The French Connection” and for “All That Jazz,” but best known for his role as the fearless police chief in “Jaws,” died Sunday at 75.

Scheider died Sunday at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences hospital in Little Rock a hospital spokesman said. The hospital did not release his cause of death, but he had been diagnosed with myeloma in 2004 and subsequently underwent a bone marrow transplant.

[His films include] “Blue Thunder,” “2010,” “52 Pick-Up,” and “The Russia House.” He had a recurring role on “SeaQuest DSV” and appeared on TV shows including “Third Watch” and “Law and Order: Criminal Intent.”

He also appeared in “The Peacekeeper,” “Red Serpent,” “The Punisher” and “The Rainmaker.” In his last role, he played a policeman in the film “Iron Cross.”

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4 Comments on RIP: Roy Scheider

  1. Aw, darn it.

    Well, there goes my hopes for a SeaQuest DSV movie…

    Seriously, a great actor, not to mention a great genre actor has left us.

    He will be greatly missed.

    BTW, Sci-Fi Channel, if you’re listening, how about a Roy Scheider tribute block sometime soon? Say, Blue Thunder or 2010 followed by Season One of SeaQuest DSV?

  2. Yeah I like Roy Scheider’s movies. Especially the scene in Jaws where Martin Brody and one of his sons are at the dinner table and the son starts copying every body movement his dad makes. Truly a endearing moment in film there for me. Roy will be missed. 🙁

  3. My first encounter with him as an actor was in “Sorcerer”, a remake (very underrated) of the French “The Wages of Fear”.


  4. LuvRoyScheider // June 24, 2009 at 8:39 pm //

    IRON CROSS, Roy Scheider’s final film, in VARIETY article for Oscar contention!!!

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