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SF Tidbits for 2/10/08

  • Neal Asher writes that Nightshade books is publishing his next book, Shadow of the Scorpion, on May 1st. Set in the Polity universe, The book covers the early part of Cormac’s life.
  • Free Reads: Joe R. Lansdale is posting one free fiction story a week (each one replacing the one before it) on his website. Peripheral Vision
  • A writer in need: Caitlin R. Kiernan blogs about her medical condition, which has forced her to have an Ebay auction to pay bills. [via Omnivoracious]
  • Karl Schroeder has a re-designed website. [via SF Canada]
  • Michael Swanwick tells the story of how science fiction writer Murray Leinster (Will Jenkins) worked to help protect our submarine forces in World War II. [via TexasBestGrok]
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