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SF Tidbits for 2/12/08

  • The Canadian TV show Big Ideas features a fascinating talk by sf author Robert J. Sawyer (Rollback), who talks about the effect Hollywood has had on science fiction – which is to say that the social commentary has become watered down on the big screen. Any keynote address that starts “I’m mad at George Lucas!” deserves a listen… [via Futurismic, which has a brand new Editor — Paul Raven]
  • A Dribble of Ink interviews Joe Abercrombie (The Blade Itself).
  • Bibliophile Stalker interviews Richard Dansky (Firefly Rain).
  • Adventures in Scifi Publishing interviews John Zakour and Brandon Sanderson. [via Locus Online]
  • Fast Forward TV interviews Kathleen Ann Goonan. [via SFF Audio]
  • Issue 12 of Apex Digest has been posted and features fiction from Sara King and Jason Sizemore; interviews with Jeremy Shipp, Sara King, and David Wong; and a handful of reviews.
  • Millionaire John Scalzi has some advice for writers: “Why am I offering this entirely unsolicited advice about money to new writers? Because it very often appears to me that regardless of how smart and clever and interesting and fun my fellow writers are on every other imaginable subject, when it comes to money — and specifically their own money — writers have as much sense as chimps on crack.”
  • Random House is to begin selling individual chapters of a popular book online…for 3 bucks a chapter. (Please don’t shoot the messenger…)
  • Topless Robot lists The 10 Lamest Cartoon Superheroes.
  • Over at SF Gospel, Gabriel McKee lists 10 Comic Book Characters Who Have Met God.
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