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SF Tidbits for 2/23/08

  • Rob’s Blog o’ Stuff points us to the just-released cover of George R.R. Martin’s next book in the A Song of Ice and Fire sequence, A Dance with Dragons. The book is scheduled for a September 30, 2008 release.
  • Visions of Paradise culled from 20 “Best of 2007” lists and came up with a definitive Best SF/F of 2007 list. Ian McDonald’s Brasyl looks like the clear winner.
  • Keith R.A. DeCandido takes issue with the recent Nebula nominations, specifically that a fan-film was nominated while media tie-in go largely ignored.
  • Event: Ellen Datlow writes in to tell us that the March 19th Fantastic Fiction at KGB reading (hosted by Ellen Datlow and Gavin J. Grant) will feature Michael Swanwick (The Dragons of Babel and The Dog Said Bow-Wow) and David Keck (In the Eye of Heaven and In a Time of Treason).
  • Interviews:
    • Physicality of Words interviews Mike Brotherton, author of the upcoming Spider Star: “Science fiction has a tremendous impact on the general public in movies and TV. The written form is more generally reaching the folks scientifically inclined, true, but it’s important to realize that science fiction fans fill all sorts of technical roles in our society from scientists to computer support to engineering and more.”
    • io9 interviews Samuel Delany about Greenwich Village: “Most of my science fiction was written while I lived there, starting from Jewels of Aptor up through Dhalgren…It inspired anybody who was interested in writing or the arts or music. I think anybody who liked those things or was involved in those things got a certain charge out of the neighborhood.”
    • Dark Horizons interviews George A. Romero.
  • Over at Eos Books, Ian Douglas talks about rewrites: “Back when I mentored genre writing students at a local college, I frequently advised them to avoid rewriting at all costs. Your first take on something is usually the best, sharpest, and most vivid.”
  • The Free Speculative Fiction review blog (not to be confused with the Free Speculative Fiction Online website listing free fiction) focuses (mostly) on reviewing free fiction offerings, with links to said stories.
  • Xeno’s Paradox has a running scorecard of Science Fiction vs. The Fox Network.
  • SFX magazine is looking for science fiction experts.
  • SciFi Wire has some details about the first-person shooter game Aliens: Colonial Marines, based on the film franchise.
  • Little Fivers lists The Top 10 Courses at Evil Overlord University. (#9: Music 216: Minor Chords on Rusty Pipe Organs)
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  1. 2/22/08 –> 2/23/08?

  2. Ack! I can’t believe I JP’d the date.


  3. Has anyone (say, GRRM himself) confirmed “Dance with Dragons” is coming in September? His latest book update seems to indicate that the book wouldn’t even be done until, in the best case, late spring or early summer, which would be necessary for a Fall ’08 release. Until GRRM says the book’s done, it’s probably best to assume it isn’t.

  4. Good point! I was going by the Amazon release date – probably not the best reflection of reality…

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