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Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus To Continue Without Ledger

You may or may not have known that Heath Ledger was working with director Terry Gilliam on Gilliam’s next movie, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. After his untimely passing (and don’t weird things seem to happen Gilliam?), the state of the film was up in the air, as Ledger was a main character. Now we have word from the BBC that Heath Ledger will be replaced by Jude Law, Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell.

That’s right, three guys will be used to shoot Ledger’s remaining scenes. But it’s not some sort of weird situation where the new actors will be shot from behind, no. They will each play a different incarnation of Ledger’s character. From the description of the film, I’m guessing this means different versions of the same character in alternate universes. Which, actually, sounds rather interesting and makes a bit of sense.

Principal filming had already wrapped when Ledger passed away, with only blue screen and interior shots left. It’s unclear how much of Ledger’s footage will be used in the final film.

I was going to see this movie anyway, being a fan of Gilliam’s work, now I’m even more curious to see how this shakes out. I’m also guessing that many more people will go see Dr. Parnassus just because it’s Ledger’s final film.

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