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Thursday YouTube: Starship Troopers 3

Call me silly, I liked the first movie. I never saw the supposed suckfest that was Starship Troopers 2. And now this? I dunno. Your thoughts?

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12 Comments on Thursday YouTube: Starship Troopers 3

  1. Nothing silly about liking Paul Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers. It’s a bloody good film. I’ve always felt it was the only sane response to Heinlein’s book.

  2. The second one wasn’t ALL that bad… it wasn’t great, admittedly… perhaps not even that good, but it wasn’t complete crap.

    This one might be okay…

  3. John, what did you think of the Star Ship Troopers Chronicles (Saturday morning TV)? I like ’em a lot. Much more true to Heinlein, although with some of the first movie still lingering.

  4. I haven’t seen any of the Star Ship Troopers Chronicles, so I couldn’t say.

  5. I’m afraid to watch! I don’t want this film to ruin my love of Verhoeven’s fascist masterwork. 🙂

  6. The military “tactics” on display in hte original movie were horrible, and it completely missed the political points of the book. It was at best an OK Hollywood shoot-em-up.

  7. There was a two?

    I think I preferred being in ignorance about that… :^)

  8. I liked very much de first film too, but the second looks like a “bad telefilm”.

    And the third? If the decline continues… Not, I think this is not possible but it seems to me that the third movie couldn’t be better than de second.


  9. Let’s see? Lack of air support? CHECK! Continued lack of powered armor? CHECK! Lack of indirect fire? CHECK! Lack of basic fire & movement by troops? CHECK! Lack of any marksmanship? CHECK! Troops running down narrow streets of a “fort” instead of maneuvering? CHECK! Lack of ability to fly starships? CHECK!

    Yep, looks like it is gonna suck. Again.

  10. Oh hands down the worst trailer I have ever seen. Even making it camp like they did only made matters worse. It was impossible to tell when the campy “recruitment” ended and movie clips started. (what? it was all part of the joke? oh hell, burn the prints now before someone sees the whole thing!)


    Beam Me Up

  11. Gryphon // April 6, 2008 at 2:15 pm //

    OK the first and second movies were both good in there own right but as with anything dealing with Starship Troopers the endings to both completely sucked. They looked like some cheesy plot twist from the 1980’s. The series (Starship Troopers: Roughneck Chronicles) was by far the best out of any. Held true to the book a lot more then the movies and introduced so many more “bugs” and another race of aliens affectionately called “Skinny’s”. However even though the series was fantastic they completely screwed the pooch by scrapping the episode “Return Home” Where the Roughnecks already being back on Earth and fighting the bugs find out that Buenos Aires has been decimated in a bug attack leaving Rico’s family missing and Dizzy’s dead. This episode explains a lot about why Dizzy was so messed up in the Final season. Then to top that all off they scrapped the final two part episode which was the end of the enitre franchise. Still unconfirmed on who the final death was going to be to kill the queen but I’m betting it was going to be Rico. Anyway I’m going to actually look into this third movie and see what it’s like. Also in my personal opinion they should just scrap this movie take all the money they’re wasting on a straight to DVD film and gat all the voice actors from the show take those last 2 episode and create those into a movie finale for the series and have the Return Home episode on it in bonus features. That would be the best way to actually appease to the fan base mainly because there’s more people out there that got into the series more than the movies.

  12. The 1st Starship troopers movie was so awesome it is indeed one of my favorite movies, but why did the 2nd and 3rd suck so hard. I don’t get it at all

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