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Tube Bits for 02/13/2008

  • Popular Mechanics looks at the lightning induced helicopter crash from last week’s episode of LOST and determines: Totally couldn’t happen. I know! Ubelievable! Tune in each Friday for Popular Mechanic’s LOST watch, where experts weigh in on the Sci Fi vs. Reality on the show. (Notice how PopMech subtly describes LOST as science fiction)
  • We know that many TV shows are shot in Vancouver, and with the strike now over, shows are staffing up again, but it will take some time to get back in the full swing. Galactica‘s production office has started adding staff. It’s only a matter of time until the last episodes are shot. Unfortunately, Vancouver’s economic hit was an estimated $100 millions dollars (as it’s a Canadian newspaper, I’m assuming that means Canadian dollars).
  • ABC has picked up 9 shows for next season. Of interest to genre fans, this includes LOST (duh) and Pushing Daisies (yay!).
  • Wondering when Galactica‘s final episodes will air, now that they are staffing up to shoot them (see above)? Buddy TV wonders the same thing. As it turns out, the writer’s strike may give Sci Fi the reason to follow through with their previously rumored decision: to split season 4 in half, and air the last 10 in 2009. The bastages.
  • The Extra Life comic strip brings us little known downsides of the writer’s strike. Thank goodness it’s over! The horror!
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3 Comments on Tube Bits for 02/13/2008

  1. I have grown so cold for Galactica it’s not even funny. Delaying and stretching out a show like that might, I emphasize the might, be good businesses sense but it will get SciFi no bonus points, and really if I was not so much of a fan I doubt I would come back and watch it after all this time.

  2. I was a little annoyed that they’ve been dragging out BSG. However, I can’t get too concerned about it, knowing that this is the last season. What annoyed me more was finding out that Ron Moore didn’t know who the final five cylons were until the beginning of season 3.

    If you’re shooting a long-form TV series, you should at least try to plan out the major plot points. Otherwise, you lose foreshadowing and other little details that really make the story good.

  3. I couldn’t even finish reading that Pop. Mech. article about the Lost helicopter – as they can’t even spell lightning right.

    Unless maybe they’re really talking a fresh coat of white paint?

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