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Tube Bits for 02/14/2008

  • Ruthie Kelly of The Daily Aztec (the independent student newspaper of San Diego State University) explains why TV has lost its appeal. The big reason: the lack of compelling, strong female characters. Except in science fiction, which, apparently is a problem because it makes the women ‘unbelievable’. As opposed to anything on TV which is believable. So why, again, are strong female characters in SF shows a bad thing?
  • Pat Molloy has a very interesting essay detailing why the technology of Star Trek should be updated for the new movie. I tend to agree. Just look at the ‘technology’ of the original series. Yeah, it needs to be updated. Sorry traditionalists, the ’60’s look just doesn’t cut it in the 21st Century.
  • ABC is jacking with LOST‘s time slot yet again. The last 4 episodes of this season will start in late April and will move to the 10pm slot on Thursdays, right after Grey’s Anatomy. And as a reminder, instead of 16 episodes this season, as originally planned, thanks to the lovely writer’s strike, there will only be 13.
  • This entry is for John, as it covers his favorite TV related item: ratings! Seems the strike managed to hit some networks harder than others. ABC and CBS lost a few million viewers, NBC barely lost any of the tens of people who watch their shows, while Fox actually added viewers (thanks Simon!). LOST placed seventh with 15.3 million viewers (take that Heroes!).
  • Did you know that Jericho returned to the small screen this past Tuesday? If you didn’t, you’re not alone. Jericho pulled in a paltry 4.2 rating/7 share. I guess CBS ordering only 7 episodes was a good move, as was the creators filming an ending to the series in addition to shooting the normal season finale.
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3 Comments on Tube Bits for 02/14/2008

  1. You know, when you say sarcastic things like “lovely writer’s (sic) strike” it sounds like you blame the writers for the strike.

  2. It doesn’t matter who gets the blame or even why it may have been a good idea. I actually agree with the writers.

    It still sucked though.

  3. I love Jericho and wish it got way more attention than it does. It’s not Battlestar good, but let us face it, not a lot is, and as shows go its good enough.

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