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Tube Bits for 02/19/2008

  • Check out this sweet Minimate Classic Cylon Centurion (as seen on Razor), set to hit store this July as part of Diamond Select Toys’ Series 3 of Galactica figures. And while I’m perusing the Diamond Select Toys site, I see Back to the Future minmates too. Sweet!
  • Sticking with Galactica, Sy Fy Portal informs us that the last remaining episodes of season 4 are set to start shooting in Vancouver at the end of March. “We will finish the story, and I think the fans will be satisfied,” says Edward James Olmos. I hope so.
  • Sy Fy Portal also reviews Knight Rider and gives it a mostly good review, saying if the ratings are good, we can expect to see a series sometime in the fall. I thought it was ok, not great. Maybe it’s a sign of the times, but I thought there was too much cheese, but still kinda fun. I also am not a fan of Val Kilmer as KITT. But if it goes to a series, I’ll probably give it a shot.
  • The fan run Star Trek: New Voyages production is changing it’s name. Henceforth let it be known the new name will be Star Trek: Phase II. Now they just need to work on their official web site name.
  • Jim Werdell, the chairman of MENSA, has picked his smartest TV shows of all time. Mad About You? Really? Where is LOST? Twilight Zone? No science fiction at all?
  • Check out this, err, interesting photoshoot of Summer Glau. Seriously, WTF? And, sorry John, this is SFW.
  • We leave you with this extemely sweet picture of the new Mindstyle toy series, Mechtorians, created by figure artist extraordinaire, Doktor A. There will be six figures, and they will be available in the fall. Just, wow. [via Toys R Evil]

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