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Tuesday YouTube: Patton Oswalt on Star Wars

NSFW language. But funny…

[via SciFi Scanner]

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3 Comments on Tuesday YouTube: Patton Oswalt on Star Wars

  1. Well done Patton Oswalt… that pretty much sums up my feelings on the prequels. Although I might have gone back to 1982 and killed him (specifically, with a shovel) before he made “Return of the Jedi” or before he even let the below happen… :-@

  2. Well now that I think about it….. no ewoks… no Leia’s metal bikini!!!!!

    John… we have a potential POLL QUESTION here on our hands.

    “Is Leia’s metal bikini enough to forgive the addition of Ewoks?”

    There might need to be a revision here to make it multiple choice?

    I mean seriously… there is a full on “movement” for the metal bikini. Am I willing to forgo this?

  3. Anonymous // April 14, 2009 at 1:50 pm //

    in the movie her bikini is the best , yet she didnt really belly dance!!!

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