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William Shatner Sucks!

Now before all you Trek fans get up in arms, and I consider myself one, even if I’m not as ardent a fan as I once was, this sentiment is not mine. It was voiced by none other then Captain Kirk himself in an interview for his video blog (via The Telegraph). The money quote:

“I never watched Star Trek.”

“I have not even seen any of the Star Trek movies. I don’t watch myself.

“When I direct and have to look at filmed scenes of myself, I suck.”

Ouch. He also stated he has never seen any of the films or episodes of the TV series that propelled him to fame (and no, that’s not T.J. Hooker, who I hear is a good cop). You have to wonder if he’s watched any of his Emmy Award winning perfromances on Boston Legal. Is he really that uncomfortable about watching himself because he realizes his acting, especially in the original Trek, is a little over the top? And how hard can you defend him against his critics when he, himself says he ‘sucks’?

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  1. The article says that Shatner’s admitted to not watching any of Boston Legal either. It sounds like he can’t stand to watch his own performances. Over the years I’ve read a number actors (some quite talented) state that they feel very uncomfortable, self-conscious, and/or really critical when watching their own performances, and so they just don’t watch themselves again once the job is done.

    I’m also sure there are a lot of actors out there who also think they’re really terrible at what they do, and keep wondering when it is that everyone else will realize it and leave them to find a new career.

    Actors are on average not the most secure people in the world, as is the case with many artists. When your performance or art is a matter of public speculation and subjective interpretation, you’re never going to get the security of knowing that you’ve done well or poorly in an objective manner.

  2. It’s not at all uncommon. Lots of people can’t stand to watch William Shatner act. 😉

  3. If it matters, I find it really hard to watch and listen to him sing. :-@

  4. “It’s not at all uncommon. Lots of people can’t stand to watch William Shatner act.”

    Best. Comment. Ever!

    I wish I had thought of it.


  5. To be fair, there are a great many actors who are uncomfortable watching their own work. Just as there are musicians who don’t listen to their own songs (probably even more common). And I know a few writers who have told me they never reread their own books. It’s easy to bag on Shatner, especially when he makes it so easy, but his work on Boston Legal is fantastic, and while he’s no Shakespeare, he is good entertainment.

  6. Lou,

    We’re not really bagging on Shatner. I quite like him as an actor, even with his eccentricities. And you have to admire him for embracing the ‘cheese’ factor inherent in his acting and making quite a career for himself in his older age.

    I do ask whether he really thinks he ‘sucks’ or is it just difficulty watching himself act.

  7. Oh I know.

    I actually think its quite brilliant the way Shatner reinvented himself with the original Priceline commercials. As I understand it, they came to him wanting to just license his Mr Tamberine Man and he gave them the whole Beat Poet idea. It was Shatner saying, “You think I’ve become a parody? No one can do a better William Shatner parody than me!” But turning around embracing it head on, he turned the invalidated the criticisms, his acting career took off, and he even got critical attention for his music with the Ben Folds collaboration. He’s not the greatest actor or the nicest man, but he is one savvy entertainer.

  8. Lou, I completely agree. I’ve been saying this for some time. I actually feel bad for the guy. He seemed to change when everyone (including old friends) started to speak out against him, publicly. I mean, obviously it has done him good, but ouch.

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