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CG Society Contest for David Brin’s Uplift Series

Well over a year ago, the CG Society held a contest asking artists to produce several different type of digital art surrounding Greg Bear’s Eon novel. The results were quite impressive.

Now, CG Society is in the midst of a new contest, covering David Brin’s Uplift series of books. Artists are asked to ‘depict the

relations between humans and aliens’. This is the largest contest to date, with over $100k worth of prizes. If you have any artistic bone in your body, why not give it a shot?

The Uplift series is one of my all time favorite series, and I especially like the cover art for Startide Rising. I think this is one contest to pay attention to, although it’s still early. The Uplift books have a lot of very unique aliens, it should be cool to see how they are depicted.

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