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Ellison to attend N.Y. Premiere of Dreams with Sharp Teeth

The Film Society of Lincoln Center sent us word that Harlan Ellison will be attending the April 8th 7:00 PM premiere screening of Dreams with Sharp Teeth, the documentary that follows the legendary author’s life and career.

From the press release:

Erik Nelson’s engaging portrait of Ellison catches the 70-something author in his full cantankerous glory, offering his thoughts and opinions on a dizzying array of subjects. It also shows us the other, lesser known sides of Ellison–from his political activism in the Civil Rights era to altercations with Barbra Streisand and pelvis shattering battles with network executives. Younger writers discuss Ellison’s influence on their work, and even actor Robin Williams is on hand to offer his tribute to Ellison. Director Erik Nelson and Harlan Ellison are expected to attend this screening.

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2 Comments on Ellison to attend N.Y. Premiere of Dreams with Sharp Teeth

  1. Of course! Harlan Ellison would never miss a chance to listen to himself talk.

    (This does sound like a fun doc, though.)

  2. Separated at birth?

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