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Movie Night At SF Signal – Titan A.E.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, you may not know that Hulu, the streaming video service from NBC and Newscorp went live today. Everyone in the US and Canada can access the wealth of shows available. Not only do they have TV shows, they also have many full length movies.

To celebrate, we present to you, with limited commercial interruption, the Don Bluth film, Titan A.E.. Yes, it’s terribly cliched, but it’s one of the few SF movies they have.


If you’d like to see a movie, which I think is better, with similar themes, check out Castle in the Sky, by Hayao Miyazaki. For a book, read The Forge of God by Greg Bear.

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  1. Titan A.E. may be of interest to writing students because the script was worked on at various times over a period of years by John August (Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Ben Edlund (The Tick), and Joss Whedon (the name rings a bell for some reason). All this talent and they still couldn’t make it work.

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