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POLL RESULTS: The Best Captain of the Enterprise

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Who is your favorite Captain of the Enterprise?


(148 total votes)

Only one vote for Pike? If he read SF Signal, he’d be beeping in anger like there’s no tomorrow.

A couple of comments this week:

“What about Capt Janeway?” – David
[And the John sez: I’m not a Trek expert, but wasn’t she the Captain of the Voyager?]

“Hmmm, that was a tough decision. I voted for Belushi since I feel Star Trek always needed a little more humor 🙂 Why not add Kevin Pollack to the list since he does an excellent James Kirk imitation.” – Tim
[John sez: Good idea!]

“Hey! What about Decker, Spock, Harriman, Riker, Jellico… (do I know a little too much about Star Trek?). Props to Jellico for being a bad-ass, but there’s something appealing about Harriman’s “Tuesday”.” – Ian Randal Strock
[John sez: OK, you’re obviously a Trek expert. I decided to keep it to the mainstays. Besides, everyone knows that Spock’s stint as captain was the result of affirmative action pressure…]

“I just know I would get ragged on for suggesting that Jonathan Archer is the best Captain of the Enterprise, but the obvious favorite Jean-Luc Picard was just too cerebral for me. Jean-Luc never made any mistakes, even when he did, while Jonathan Archer seems more real. Besides if he can set of enough things right in time, he can finally make the leap home.” – Richard
[John sez: Hiyo!]

“To a point it is like comparing apples and oranges. Different overarching missions and ships call for different skill sets and abilities. Overall, though, there is only one and he drinks Earl Gray, Hot.” – General X
[John sez: I hope by “hot” you mean the tea!]

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  1. People might prefer Picard, but Kirk still got all the ladies.

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