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SF Tidbits for 3/31/08

  • Fantasybookspot interviews Neal Asher (The Shadow of the Scorpion). “…I come from the Arnold Schwarzenegger school of SF.” [via The Bodhisattva]
  • Free Audio Fiction: Starborn by Andre Norton. Read by Mark Douglas Nelson or a computer…I can’t tell which. [via SFFaudio]
  • The fourth episode of Shadow Unit is Will Shetterly’s “A Handful of Dust“. [via Elizabeth Bear]
  • Recently-free fiction at “Control Group” by Roger Dee (Roger D. Aycock, 1960)
  • SciFiRama is looking for blog feedback.
  • Locus Online has posted the table of contents for the April 2008 issue of Locus Magazine, which includes interviews with Terry Pratchett and Sarah Monette and the obituary of Arthur C. Clarke.
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  1. Hey, thanks for linking to the interview.

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