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Thursday YouTube: Star Trek Remastered Comparisons

Everything old is new again…

[via Robert J. Sawyer]

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5 Comments on Thursday YouTube: Star Trek Remastered Comparisons

  1. Bah, this remastering crap has got to stop — this just ruins the show. I’ve always thought that part of the mystique is the campiness…

    If they really want to remaster, they can make all the chesty green alien girls greener and chestier! (Maybe they already did that, I couldn’t bear to watch the rest of the slideshow).

  2. As I understand it, the original effects were updated so the show could look acceptable when broadcast in HD. That said, I thought they did an excellent job of keeping the flavor of the original designs. It’s not like the added “special edition” footage…

  3. Greg'Sneakel'Weimer // March 13, 2008 at 12:28 pm //

    The first Remastered Episode I have watched was the Doomsday Device. That was done amazingly well. I can understand campy but somethings should have been done better. Not just a toy model of the Contatution with damage done by a zippo lighter, the special effects were great

  4. IIRC, they were cleaning up the reels for the HD division and adding the new SFX wasn’t much to the cost, so…

    I like the new looks. I’d buy them if they were available on “boring old” DVD (not going to buy a HD player for a while!).

  5. ???

    Who the hell wants to watch classic episodes of Trek WITHOUT the cheesy sets, backgrounds and effects????


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