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Tube Bits For 03/03/2008

  • What was the best part of the old TV show Fraggle Rock? If you said Doozers, you are correct! Who wouldn’t want their own personal work crew to assemble things from Tinker Toys? Now, Mindstyle is releasing these sweet Doozer vinyl figures for the 25th anniversary of Fraggle Rock. Sweet.
  • BBC Audio has released two exclusive Dr. Who audiobooks, available only on CD or digital downloads. If you’d like to win a copy, Female First has the contest for you.
  • Disney is about to get its feet wet in the online video pool. They announced a new digital studio, Stage 9 Digital Media, to develop 20 new online programs. The first to be released is the comedy series, Squeegees, no this is not a group hug between the Bee Gees, about window-washer slackers. You can find it on ABC and YouTube. Also look for the SF series, Trenches, in the near future.
  • Trek Today points us in the direction of the Continuing Mission website, which has three audio interviews with Gene Roddenberry available for download. These were recorded sometime during the slighty scary 1970’s.
  • Telewatcher brings us the five best SF shows even a non-geek will love. Aside from Star Trek: TNG, which is the obvious choice, I have to question all the others. Just looking at the ratings for those shows and you’ll see that non-geeks didn’t love them. B5 barely made it’s 5 year run, the Stargates are stuck on Sci Fi, and Firefly died a quick, painful death. If you want a SF show non-geeks will love, I nominate LOST.
  • The Sound of Young America has just posted a podcast with 3/5ths of the Cinema Titanic crew. You can hear it below.
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3 Comments on Tube Bits For 03/03/2008

  1. I can’t be a fireman, I don’t even know how to start a fire! – Fraggle Rock.

    That show was awesome.

  2. The other sf-type show that the non-geek public has been making love to recently, other than LOST, is HEROES.

  3. Richard Novak // March 3, 2008 at 11:27 pm //

    Phooey! The Torchwood contest is U.K. only!:(

    Love & blessings


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