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Tube Bits For 03/05/2008

  • How’s this for media tie-ins: Cartoon Network has secured the rights to broadcast Blue Dragon, the anime series based on the Xbox 360 video game. I haven’t played the game yet, but I want to. Not sure I want to see a show based on the game though.
  • In case you missed it: the Jim Henson Company announced on Monday that the movies The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth are now available for purchase on iTunes. Perhaps even more exciting: Farscape and Fraggle Rock are on the way!
  • Popular Mechanics takes a look at the physics of LOST‘s time traveling Desmond an concludes they may not be bunk after all. SF Signal’s Honorary Theoreticl Physicist Michi0 Kaku makes an appearance, schilling for his new book Physics of the Impossible.
  • The Alien Nation: Ultimate Movie Collection will be available everywhere starting on April 20th. Not being an Alien Nation fan (I never watched the show), I don’t know how these movies tie in to the series.
  • Staying with LOST for the moment, you really should be reading J. Woods excellent blog posts over at Powell’s Books. They are literate and stunningly in-depth. I have no idea how one person can pull so much information together and relate it to the just aired episode. Impressive. See his latest post, brought to you by the number 8, for a good example.
  • And for all you 24 fans, here is how the show would look,circa 1994:
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  1. Michi0 Kaku????

  2. Blue Dragon is a sort of Pokemon – each kid has the ability to conjure a unique fighter from their subconcious to fight for them, however the attacks are against the kid (or evil doer) rather than against the conjured fighter. The world they inhabit is pretty unique and a mix of sci-fi and fantasy (although perhaps the magic has a technology basis I’m not aware of.)

  3. WOW, that blog post on LOST is crazy! I have never seen anyone go that in depth to an episode of LOST. And yet I am still LOST 😉

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