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Tube Bits For 03/07/2008

  • Trademork tells us that Twentieth Century Fox, producer and distributor of Futurama, has filed to protect the trademark on ‘Slurm’ in relation to a wide array of beverage like concoctions. Looks like Fry’s favorite, highly addictive beverage could see the light of day as an actual product. That would be, awesome!
  • Was the writer’s strike actually a good thing? The Sarah Connor Chronicles creator Josh Friedman says yes. By sheer (bad) luck, when the strike happened, the eighth and ninth episodes were forced to become the season ending episodes. As it happens, they tie together pretty well, and leave us with a cliffhanger of sorts. I thought they were ok, much as I thought TSCC was just ‘ok’ as well.
  • Neil Patrick Harris talks about his turn as the voice of The Flash in the direct-to-DVD movie Justice League: The New Frontier.
  • New Amsterdam scored some big ratings for Fox, keeping 44% of it’s American Idol audience. That’s a lot of people. Did anyone see it?
  • The Houston Chronicle looks at TV shows that play with time: LOST, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Time manipulation in a sitcom? I think How I Met Your Mother is an extended flashback, but I’ve never seen it. LOST, of course, is the most unconventional of the shows, and, to my mind, the best of the lot.
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2 Comments on Tube Bits For 03/07/2008

  1. How I Met Your Mother is pretty clever in the way it presents flashbacks within the context of the series as well as the episode itself. Sure it has a few of the annoying conventions many sitcoms have, but the show is funny and Neil Patrick Harris is AWE wait for it

    wait for it


  2. I watched an episode of New Amsterdam and thought it was OK, but didn’t seem all that different than the other cop drama’s out there. He is immortal, although that wasn’t a factor in the episode I saw. He didn’t use the immortality to help solve the crime, but it was a major part of the uber-plot that ties the show together.

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