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Tube Bits for 03/25/2008

  • DVD Verdict judges the newly released DVD set of Painkiller Jane, stating: Painkiller Jane is a middling, unoriginal sci fi series that is only occasionally interesting. Ouch. I guess you’ll need some painkillers to watch this one.
  • Ronald D. Moore, king of the SF reboots, visited the set of the new Star Trek movie and opines that rebooting the series was a good idea, saying “it was a very smart move to sort of clear the decks, wipe the slate clean and start over.” Apparently there is/was too much Trek info needed to appreciate it that new viewers were scared off. Going back to the beginning gives everyone a chance to start over and get in on the ground floor. We’ll see, though I’m not optimistic.
  • Speaking of Trek, the new Sulu, John Cho, states that Sulu isn’t really Japanese, but is, in fact, Pan-Asian. He bases this claim on Roddenberry’s statement that Sulu was supposed to represent the continent of Asia. Alright, but when I hear the name Hikaru Sulu, I think Japanese.
  • The Baltimore Sun has a short article on artist Steven Parke, whose work is featured on the liner notes for the new Heroes soundtrack CD.
  • Scott Brown at Wired says explains why Battlestar Galactica must self-destruct. Self-destruct meaning come to an end, not literally explode, although that may happen too.
  • Check out the new Season 4 trailer for Dr. Who:
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