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Tube Bits For 03/27/2008

  • Mary McDonnell, President Roslin on Battlestar Galactica, clues us in on a minor spoiler for the upcoming season: Her character has a resurgence of cancer, but that she, McDonnell, is excited but sad to be working on the last season, which begins airing Friday, April 9th, at 9pm ET.
  • Colin Ferguson, Sheriff Carter on one of SF Signal’s fave SF TV shows Eureka, talks about the changes for the upcoming season. He mentions that some characters are leaving, while new ones will be joining. We know Henry will be staying, but I’m curious as to who they could loose and not really hurt the show: Beverly? Stark? Any guesses? And from the did you know department: Sci FI has full episodes of Eureka online. Sadly, not all of them. Come on Sci Fi, it’s the 21st Century. There’s no reason not to have them all available.
  • Carol Barbee, exec producer of Jericho, looks at options for continuing the Jericho storyline. These include moving the series to a cable network, a web-based series, comic book or a movie. Of these, I’m guessing that a cable or web-based presence would be about right for the ratings they drew.
  • TV Squad gives us nine reasons Eli Stone keeps getting better. I wasn’t sure what to expect with Stone, and even though it has the typical, clichéd Hollywood view of what is a good lawyer vs. a bad lawyer, I still like the show. Johnny Lee Miller, as Eli, really makes the show despite the plots (evil corporations, greedy law firms, etc.)
  • Jack Trevino, writer and producer, finds some humor on the set of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. Of Gods and Men is a ‘fan’ production with some big name stars involved with it, such as Nichelle Nichols and Bester, I mean Walter Koening. Maybe we’ll see this up for a Nebula next year…
  • Did you know that Sci Fi’s here but gone almost overnight series, Tripping the Rift has a direct to DVD movie? Neither did I. But the folks at Armchair Critic took one for the team and review the DVD. Verdict: Stick with the series. Which is kinda scary.
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