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FREE BOOK: Mothers & Other Monsters by Maureen F. McHugh

Small Beer Press has made Maureen F. McHugh’s Mothers & Other Monsters available as a free download via a Creative Commons License.

Here’s the table of contents:

  1. “Ancestor Money”
  2. “In the Air”
  3. “The Cost to Be Wise”
  4. “The Lincoln Train”
  5. “Interview: On Any Given Day”
  6. “Oversite”
  7. “Wicked”
  8. “Laika Comes Back Safe”
  9. “Presence”
  10. “Eight-Legged Story”
  11. “The Beast”
  12. “Nekropolis”
  13. “Frankenstein’s Daughter”
  14. The Evil Stepmother: An Essay
  15. Author Interview
  16. Talking Points

I read the novel Nekropolis and enjoyed it. I also recently learned of her story “Laika Comes Back Safe” through a reader comment when I reviewed the graphic novel Laika a few weeks back – this is my chance to read it. Yours too!

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