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Heroes Creator Kring to Co-Author Alternative History Trilogy

Variety is reporting that Tim Kring, creator of Heroes, will be co-authoring an alternative history thriller trilogy to be published by Random House. The Flag of Orpheus trilogy will be co-written with Dale Peck for $3 million, Variety says. The story is about “the abuses of power and moral obligation to resist it” and “revolves around key turning points in late 20th century, including early 1960s drug culture.”

The first book in the trilogy, Shift, is due in the Fall of 2009. In a cross-marketing frenzy, each book will be also co-launched with an alternate reality game.

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4 Comments on Heroes Creator Kring to Co-Author Alternative History Trilogy

  1. Alright, I realize alternative history is a genre within SF but how does this 3 million dollar trilogy offering even relate to Science Fiction? Hmm, Beatnicks in space maybe? Am I missing something here?


  2. Hey John, did you notice your Feedburner wedgit missing? So is mine.


  3. No telling yet how much sf-nal the trilogy will be, but as you said, Jim, “alternative history is a genre within SF”. That was good enough for me! :^)

    On Feedburner: I guess they’re having problem today…

  4. Hmm. Alternative history has never been my fave sub-genre, but I might have to try out the first book.

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