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Number 5 Is Alive Again?

Continuing the string of ‘bad idea‘ movies, Sci Fi wire tells us that Dimension Films has acquired the remake rights to Short Circuit. Um, what? Is there really a clamoring to remake this Steve Guttenberg/Alley Sheedy ‘star’ vehicle? Did Fisher Stevens’ appearances on LOST cause a brief revival of interest in his back movie catalog? I’m lost here. I realize that, as movies go, Short Circuit wasn’t a terrible film, but does it really make sense to remake it?

I think this a terrible idea and yet another proof point that Hollywood truly has run out of ideas. They only way this can work is if Johnny 5, upon discovering he has no true mother or father, goes on a angst fueled rampage, killing all humans who are responsible for his existential crisis, only to be defeated in the end by Jeff Goldblum who uploads a Mac virus into J5. Oh, and with Kate Beckinsale. Otherwise, pass.

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3 Comments on Number 5 Is Alive Again?

  1. Given the similarity between Mr. 5 and the star of an upcoming Pixar effort, I’m wondering if this is an attempt to cash in on the Pixar effort or to claim intellectual property rights in some weird fashion…

  2. We can only hope for the Solarbabies remake…

  3. They already are remaking Short Circuit, sort of. It’s called Wall*E from Pixar. Not that Wall*E won’t be a lot of fun, because it is from Pixar, who know what to do with a sentinent robot. But given that this is coming out, wouldn’t another old SF project be better for a remake? On the other hand, the children’s film engine needs more meat to feed it.

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