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POLL RESULTS: Flash, We Hardly Knew Ya’

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

The SciFi Channel canceled Flash Gordon. Do you care?


(107 total votes)

A couple of comments this week:

“You know it probably would have lasted longer if it embraced the thing that I like from the movie which is the cheesy factor. Either that or go for the whole golden era SF theme but that is not so politically correct. Also they could have added more Boomer (Mmmm Boomer)…” – Tim

“I am sure, in another couple of decades, someone else will try again to recreate Flash Gordon. SciFi simply dropped the ball here. I knew, as soon as I saw Ming and his ‘water treatment plant palace’ that this would end badly.” – Paul

“After watching the first three episodes, I realized it wasn’t Flash Gordon so much as teen angst with not-terribly-long long distance relationships (if they could jump back and forth from Earth to Mongo, how far was Mongo, really?). I didn’t realize the show had survived long enough for you to say NOW that it’s been canceled; I sort of figured it died out a few weeks after I gave up.” – Ian Randal Strock

“You should have had a fourth option: What the hell took them so long?” – Douglass Abramson

“They have to replace it with something new. Right? Not a rerun. Well if that something is a new BSG or Eureka then it will be great, at least I hope it will be better, though I am not holding my breath.” – General X

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