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POLL RESULTS: The Best Batman Villain

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Who was the best villain on the 1960’s Batman television show (or the 1966 film)?


(97 total votes)

Some comments this week…

“A tough question, but I do think that Egghead, King Tut, the John Astin Riddler and the Lee Meriwether Catwoman are definitely ‘second tier’. Since they have such a complex relationship, for me its really a tossup between the Kitt and Newmar Catwomans (Catwomen?)” – Jvstin

“Julie Newmar for the win! But there were so MANY good villians, it’s hard to choose. Otto Premiger as MR. Freeze, Liberace as the pianast and his evil twin, Roddy McDowall as the bookworm, Art Carney as The Archer, the list goes on and on. How they got these people to get onto such a oddball show was a mystery, but I’m glas they did.” – Keith

“For me it was the Joker, though I hated the Penguin the most.” – General X

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