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SciFi Department at Comic Con 2008

Watch the latest SciFi Dept. as Kevin Maher almost beats Lou Ferrigno at arm wrestling. You would think he would have had better luck bribing him with hot dogs…

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5 Comments on SciFi Department at Comic Con 2008

  1. Wait wait wait… Lou Ferrigno charges $30 for a photo of himself!?

    What is that about?

    How much does he charge for head?

  2. A better question is – who is Kevin Maher?

  3. Kevin Maher is a freelance comedy writer, one of SciFi Scanner’s bloggers, and a respondent to one of our Mind Melds a couple of months ago. His name shouldn’t be too much of a surprise for regular readers, I’ve been linking to his SciFi Dept. videos for a while now.

  4. That’s really cool – the SciFi Dept videos I mean. I didn’t know Kevin’s name, but I had watched a couple of the videos you linked. I wonder how many people see those? Are they shown on the cable channel or just the web site?

    I assume that AMC’s web site is all about generating ad revenue (exactly like the TV channel) and given how long it has been around, it must work. They aren’t running a charity over there.

    I also see that he does videos for HBO – has anybody seen one of his vidoes on TV or is that also just for their web site?

  5. >> That’s really cool – the SciFi Dept videos I mean.

    I know! That’s why the linkage. πŸ™‚

    I believe these SciFi Dept. are done exclusively for AMC’s SciFi Scanner. Not sure about the HBO ones…

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