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Tube Bits for 04/07/2008

  • The Stargate juggernaut keeps on moving. Not content with a feature film, two TV series and two direct-to-DVD movies, now we are getting 26 animated episodes in the 4 DVD set of Stargate: Infinity. This set will collect all the episodes from previous DVDs and place them in one convenient package. I’ve also heard that the show isn’t that great. Not being a fan, I can’t comment.
  • We’ve mentioned before that Sci Fi has ordered 13 episodes of the web series, Sanctuary. The show has finally gone into production and it will be the first TV series to use completely digital sets, a la Sky Captain. Certainly a distinct look that hopefully won’t hurt the show.
  • NBC will premier the third season of Heroes with a three-hour block of programming. Hour 1 will be a clips show, followed by a two-hour season premier. I know John will be watching the clips show so that he can re-run the scene of Nikki getting blown up over and over again.
  • BuddyTV remarks on the addictive qualities of LOST. I have to agree with the obsessive need to keep up. I have to watch every Thursday as soon as I can or I feel…left out. This break is killing me.
  • looks at all the media tie-ins surrounding the new Clone Wars movie and TV show. There is a lot of Star Wars goodness there.
  • Omahaster reminisces about Babylon 5 on his livejournal. I had no idea that the original seris pilot, ‘The Gatherning’ is no longer available in Region 1 in it’s original form. Makes me feel glad that I have the Japanese import Laserdisc version so I can watch it if I feel like. And I kinda of like the music for the pilot, even though it is completely different from the Christopher Franke compositions.
  • Adam Pieniazak list 10 reasons why Galactica is the best show ever. It’s a decent list, although I would take issue with the appearance of ‘All Along the Watchtower’ as being a good thing.
  • Supposedly, the creators of the new Knight Rider have learned the lessons of Bionic Woman‘s failure and are using them to make sure their series doesn’t suffer the same fate. Apparently that means taking 9 months from the movie premier to season premier to allow the show to ‘live up to audience expectations’. I’m not sure the expectations are all that high, really.
  • And now we close with a bit of humor. This past week’s episode of South Park took some serious shots at 10 huge YouTube memes. Visit the link to see how they did it. Included are swipes at Tron Guy and The Star Wars Kid.
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4 Comments on Tube Bits for 04/07/2008

  1. A-haaaaa! I still have my VHS copy of Babylon 5 “The Gathering” that Columbia House released, with the great Stewart Copeland score!

    Wonder if I can get it transferred to DVD…

  2. The one episode of Stargate Infinity (the pilot as it so happens) that I saw was bad. Not quite “Gilligan’s Planet” or “The Brady Kids” bad, but bad.

  3. I lost track of LOST (pun not intended) after the second or third episode of this season and am glad I did, I’ll just watch all the episodes when they’re released rather than feeding the addiction!

    Thanks for the shout-out.

  4. I’ve got the pilot for B5 on VHS as well. I wish the soundtrack were available, as there are some bits I like better than the Chris Franke tunes.

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