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Tube Bits for 04/14/2008

  • All right all you young whippersnappers, listen up. You may be wondering what all the fuss is over the upcoming Speed Racer movie (aside from the unique visuals and car fu). Well, Sci Fi Japan is doing a huge service for those of you who are not familiar with Speed and crew. They’ve running a series of post, looking at the original Speed Racer anime in all its glory. Marvel you will, especially when you realize there is oh so much more to come.
  • Minister Faust offers us his predictions about Galactica‘s final season. I’m not sure I agree, or disagree really, with any of them. They’re just food for thought right now, although I would say the ‘time-travel Kobold’ theory could be cool, or suck eggs. It would certainly fit into the whole ‘all this has happened before’ schtick if there are in some sort of closed time loop.
  • Apparently cutting records isn’t just for the the original Star Trek crew. Chase Masterson, Leeta from DS9, talks about her singing and her second album (among other stuff), to Robo Japan. And just so you know, Brent Spiner has a couple of albums under his belt too.
  • Thanks to the afore mentioned Robo Japan, we learn that Privateer Press is developing a collectible miniatures kaiju (that sorta means ‘giant monster’) game called Monsterpocalypse!. You can follow along at the developer’s blog. Please, please, please be like Crush, Crumble and Chomp! (How I miss thee my old Apple ][+ for you had the best games eva: Bilestoad, Choplifter, Karatake)
  • Who says nepotism is a bad thing? Not J.J. Abrams, that’s for sure. Abrams has tapped LOST producer Jeff Pinkner to be the show runner for his new SF, X-files-ish show Fringe. And what else do we learn? The pilot episode has a $10 million dollar budget (!), and it will be on Fox, which means it will either end after three episodes, or last three seasons too long.
  • There was, for a tiny fraction of time, a leaked trailer for the new The Clone Wars movie. Well, Gizmodo, in their quest for all things sensationalistic, found a version with Polish subtitles. Take a look and tell us what you think: good, bad, indifferent?
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  1. “And just so you know, Brent Spiner has a couple of albums under his belt too.”

    As does Tim Russ.

    [whisper]Don’t ask how I know that.[/whisper]

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